Common intersections      (40''x 25,5'' /102x65)


A set is a combination of different objects to form a whole. The objects that belong to a set are called the elements (X) of the set. The set is one of the most important and fundamental concepts in mathematics. The description of a set is all about the question of what elements it contains. This means that it must be clear for every object whether it belongs to the set or not. It is not asked whether an element is contained more than once or whether there is a sequence among the elements.


For all of us, this question have to be answered with YES. We all belong to the set.


Never in history has an incident like the spread of the SARS-CoV-2-virus affected the entire human race at the same time so quickly and inexorably. We are all part of the set, each individual with his uniqueness. In this context we deal a lot with different kind of sets: intersections, subsets, union sets, difference and potency sets etc. in order to find explanations, solutions and strategies.

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